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A donation to EarthTones is an investment into the future of humanity. EarthTones envisions a world where we use the power of music and storytelling to create a more evolved society of intelligent, creative, and compassionate human beings. Where music is recognized as inseparable from the human experience and essential to helping us achieve our fullest potential; and where every child has the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of music as an integral part of their education, their personal well-being, and their relationship with the world around them. EarthTones undertakes its mission ("to transform humanity through the power of music and film") by partnering with top-level talent, like-minded organizations, and large-scale distribution platforms to create and support the production of emotionally compelling music and original programs that engage, inform and inspire people across the globe. SPECIAL THANKS TO: Kate Coppola, James Farmer, Frank Kilpatrick, Gregory Markel, Jeanne & Robert Segal, Anjanette Sinesio


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Thank you Frank for all that you do. All the best in your giving endeavors. Your friend, Donna

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Dear Frank, Let me know how I can volunteer. Love, Donna

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