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Sell your organization's items with an Online Store

List Multiple product types

List multiple types, such as sizes and colors of each product in your store to indicate to your supporters which types are available and how many of each are left. List an unlimited amount of items for each store, and unlimited amount of types for each item.

Coupon Codes and a Shopping Cart

Easily discount any or all items for promotions you have for items in your store. Your supporters can easily select multiple quantities of items or types to make their entire purchase in a single transaction. The entire order will be itemized on their receipt.

Custom Branded Storefront

Like always, Flipcause puts your brand front and center. To make your store your own, upload your logo, add your brand's colors, select fonts and other customizations, and you can make sure your storefront matches your website and other brand assets.

Inventory Management

Collect any information you want individually for each item. With custom fields, you can get additional clarification on special instructions. Whatever data you need, Flipcause can collect it for you and store it in your online store reporting.

Waivers & Disclaimers

Easily control the quantity available for each item and type of item. If you need to cancel an order or just part of an order you can easily do that in your online store reporting. The canceled orders will automatically be added back to the quantity available to make sure you keep an accurate count of your inventory.

Automated Tax Receipts and Order confirmations

The importance of thanking your customers in a timely manner can't be emphasized enough. Not only does Flipcause deliver an instant confirmation and additional information - we thank them for you! We also calculate the market value of the items to ensure your supporters get accurate tax deductible information.

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