About Fundación Tijuana Sin Hambre

Fundacion Binacional Tijuana Sin Hambre is a non-profit foundation founded out of concern for the ongoing global COVID-19 pandemic. To achieve our goals, we have taken up the task of gathering the resources necessary to reach our goals. 


Our mission is to alleviate the deficiencies in our city by feeding the sick and unemployed. The people of Tijuana made history in April of 2020 by working together despite the lockdown to create a network of love and support for improving the quality of life of those most affected by the current health crisis. 


Despite this, hunger remains in our city. The name of our foundation, Tijuana Sin Hambre, or "Tijuana Without Hunger," conveys the dream we are trying to achieve. We hope to alleviate the hunger our city experiences, not only the hunger for food but the necessity for a better quality of life, stability, and social justice. 


We dream of creating a bridge between kindness and necessity for a city without borders where nothing can hold us back. With the humanitarian virtues of kindness, love, and humility, we can change history—together!