About Support Youth Pursuing Their Path & Potential

"By supporting people as they pursue what they care about,
we can work together to re-locate the motivation to learn to its proper place:

-Gabriel Pickus (InDiGO Founder and Director)

We are raising funds to provide youth with opportunities to discover themselves outdoors
and pursue their unique path and potential.

Your Donation Will Fund:

Whole-person learning TOOLS: 

~ Classes ~ Resources ~ Books ~ Hardware ~ Software ~ Apps ~ Art Supplies ~ Expedition Supplies ~

Youth need access to tools and to develop the knowledge and skills necessary 
to build the life they want to lead. Let's give young people the tools they need 
to discover, connect, express, and integrate their whole, authentic selves.

(We will give these tools directly to youth and families to support their life-long love of learning)

Learn more about our work guiding youth and adults to access and develop their own inner power
​to learn, teach, heal, and unite, by discovering the wonders of nature within and all around us.