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The Kimbilio Project: A Sanctuary for Homeless Children

In one of the poorest countries in the world, children who have nothing -- no family, no shelter, no food, no future -- look to Kimbilio for help.  Operating in Lubumbashi, Democratic Republic of Congo, we provide long- and short-term housing, meals, clothing, basic medical care, education and love to the poorest of the poor -- children without families. 

Homelessness of children is rampant in Lubumbashi, a large city in the Democratic Republic of Congo.  Many are orphans -- refugees from the conflict in Eastern Congo, and children who've lost their parents to AIDS and other illnesses.  Others are child laborers from the notorious cobalt and copper mines near where we operate.  Yet others have been rejected by their families because they are suspected of witchcraft.  In a country where $2 per day wages is typical -- if you even have employment -- some of the children are simply left to the streets because their families can't support them.

At our day center, children living in the streets of the city find safety.  They can get meals and camaraderie.  They are able to bathe.  Minor injuries can be tended.  We show them love.

Sometimes, we can find the family of a homeless child and provide social services that ultimately lead to reintegration of the child with their family.  These children reside in our short-term homes until we've succeeded at the reintegration.  

Other times, children cannot be reintegrated and our long-term housing becomes home for them.  With Congolese "house parents" and a range of services from the terrific Kimbilio staff, the children have love, security, comfort, recreation, and education.  They have hope for the future.

Wonderful news: we just opened a Kimbilio primary school!

Poverty and the pandemic did not stop our dedicated team from using the last two years to build a fabulous
school for the Kimbilio children and for poor children in our community in Lubumbashi.  There is no such thing as public school.  Without this school, there would be no school for any of these children.  

We have about 150 children enrolled, and need additional funding to get to 300!

There's a great way to get to know our school -- check out our first newsletter!  

And you can learn more about Kimbilio by visiting our website!