About Planit x BUILDIT Ukraine

Planit Inc. is deservedly recognized as great company to work for, we care of our employees and their families as much as we can in any circumstances.

We moved 150+ employees from the warzone to the West so that we can continue our operations and perform quality services on all our projects.

BUT, each one from the moved has its own story…

Many employees' houses have been shelled or destroyed, many of their extended family members lost their jobs...and almost everyone will have to start their lives from scratch.

We focus on providing help to families and communities impacted by brutal invasion:

  • Get housing both in EU and Western Ukraine;
  • Get necessary housing appliances;
  • Get medical help;
  • Get legal help;
  • Get transportation.

All the donations made through this campaign are 100% tax deductible in US via 501(3)c charity non-profit.