About March 31st SWFG at the Museum Campaign

Join us for a Shabbat with Friends gathering at the Wheels Museum in ABQ. Below is the schedule of the evening, which includes a chance to roam through the museum, a festive Shabbat potluck meal, and an hour of singing with the Oneg Shabbos Ensemble, our favorite songs of the soon to be celebrated Passover Seder.

Here is the flow of the evening.

  • 5-6 pm The museum doors open at 5 pm for a custom tour of the museum by the founder, Leba Freed, and an opportunity for children to explore the museum exhibits. 
  • 6-7 pm A Shabbat potluck feast opened by the Shabbat table rituals this is a relaxing time to enjoy family, friends, and new faces in a delightful and unique setting.  
  • 7-8 pm. Sitting in a circle, we will have a special musical and group singing hour with a special offering of Passover songs of the Seder and selected table music melodies led by the SWF Oneg Shabbos (Joy of Shabbat) Ensemble. 

This Shabbat gathering is open to the community. All our gatherings are intergenerational and kid friendly. It is a wonderful event for children who will be captivated by the exhibit and the model trains. The Wheels Museum is located at 1100 2nd SW between Pacific and Cromwell. There is ample free parking. 

Pre-Registration is required to attend. While this gathering is free, you can make a small donation to help cover the costs of the event. As part of preregistration, we will provide a link to the potluck signup