About Giving Tuesday 2023

Relational Life Foundation is a nonprofit that believes healthy relationships have the power to change the world. 

We provide the knowledge and skills necessary for individuals of all identities to live more connected lives.

Our Mission includes: 

Connection & Contribution: RLT Relationship Bootcamps to bring principles & teachings of Relational Life Therapy (RLT) to the General Public

Building a Culture of Belonging: A Conversation Series that brings together therapists of other disciplines under the umbrella of RLT

Research & Validation: Peer-reviewed journal publications demonstrating the efficacy & effectiveness of RLT specific methods

Your generosity this Giving Tuesday will go towards providing an affordable RLT Relationship Skills Bootcamp in Minneapolis, MN this January 2024. Through relationality, we can build a future that embraces diversity and compassion, bringing hope and healing to all corners of the globe.