About Giving Tuesday 2023

Kids N' Tennis, Inc. is rolling out a new program this fall. It's called "Taking Tennis to Schools!" This after-school tennis program is free for students interested in learning how to play tennis. Our team of tennis pros will offer after-school tennis lessons at local elementary and middle schools in the Portland Metropolitan area. Kids N' Tennis will provide the necessary equipment and supplies for these lessons. The host school can choose the time and date for this event. We have created a unique donor page if you want to support this program. Donors can help by donating to our "Giving Tuesdays Campaign!" All donations are 100% deductible. Your generous donation will help purchase racquets, balls, and tennis nets. First-semester tennis lessons start on October 10 and end on December 5. The time needed for these events is between 1 to 1 1/ 2 hours, depending on the number of students. Please consider helping us continue to provide affordable tennis lessons to children through our Community Tennis Association.