About Popcorn Fundraiser Kickoff to Support Youth!!

YELL!/Y-ME? Youth and Parents - I set up a Double Good virtual fundraiser! It’s 100% contactless, we keep 50% of the profit and the product ships directly to your supporters.

We’ll each create a Pop-Up Store and sell Double Good ultra-premium popcorn! Prices for Signature Bags (5 cups each) start at $11, and Curated Collections at $31. The popcorn is delicious and award-winning!

Our fundraiser begins on January 19 and goes until January 23.

Before the fundraiser begins:

1. Download the Double Good app

2. Enter our Event Code NLC BNW in the app

3. Create your Pop-Up Store

The Double Good app is available for free on iOS and Android.

Don't want to sell popcorn for a win-win opportunity for supporters, just make a donation of $75!!

Testimony from another group...

Super easy set up, convenient for all participants, and delicious popcorn.”

Viviana Vergel, Pure Energy Dance Team

$7,281 sold / 18 participants