About Women's Empowerment Fund

Your gift can change lives. Join us in supporting strong women who are working to break the cycle of poverty in their lives and in the lives of their families. The responsibility is always in the hands of each woman. They know their needs and talents best. They know what is best for their families. Sometimes that knowledge comes after some trial and error, and they have the flexibility to change what vocation they choose. The women who are chosen to receive support are all classified as ultra poor - living below $1.25 a day. In each country with these programs, a coordinator for the projects helps the women as issues arise, so they never have to walk alone. 

The total cost of any of our women's empowerment projects are $600. Each woman receives $540 and the additional $60 is to cover local and international administration.  

Regardless of what vocation a woman chooses - weaving, pig raising, cooking, etc. - we pair the business item and training with additional funds to help with whatever a woman's most urgent needs are. For example, covering their children's school fees for several months, or helping with medical bills, or house rent for part of the year, etc. It depends on a woman's specific needs. 

One of the reasons we provide these additional funds, is that we, and other organizations and experts, have found that without the additional help these projects typically fall flat very quickly. As soon as a family emergency happens, or there are sudden school fees, or a woman is pregnant, etc. the loom, pig, cooking supplies, etc. will often be sold for desperately needed cash if they haven't already begun to get a profit from their work. By providing for these additional needs, the women can use those funds instead of using the business item. It also means that the first profits from selling their products can more quickly go towards savings, instead of all going to basic necessities like food or medical treatment.