About COVID-19 Response

Hands In Service is actively working through the COVID-19 pandemic in order to best serve our community healthcare workers and other local agencies with needed items like cleaning supplies, diapers, baby wipes, paper products and more. Some of the items we are purchasing with our own ministry funds. We are asking you to help us with this financial challenge in a fun way.  

We have created a walk, run or bicycle ride challenge to help burn off some of the tension and those extra calories accumulated while staying at home. If you would like to take the challenge using a treadmill or stationary bike, that’s perfectly fine. To join, sign up on our website at www.hisinc.org, click on the COVID-19 Response Campaign. The registration fee is $25 per participant. Once you have registered, find a safe location that you are comfortable performing the challenge you have set for yourself. The challenge can be distance or time, the idea is to get some exercise and help us help those in need. This is an integrity-based challenge, so all we ask is that after you have completed your desired distance or time goal, send us a picture of yourself upon completion or timing/distance results from your phone, fit bit or other device and include what you established as your goal. Post your results on Facebook and/or Instagram and tag us at (Hands In Service Inc). You will receive a commemorative medal with ribbon through the mail marking your participation in responding to the needs of our community through this challenging time in history.