About FPI Field Science Fund

While it may seem as though the movements, population dynamics, and pathogen loads of animals in faraway tropical forests are a trivial matter, in reality, this type of research is extremely important, especially in light of the Covid-19 pandemic. 


We are currently working on expanding the scope of our bio-surveillance and wildlife monitoring efforts as well as building larger and more diverse field teams to assist with data collection. For more than a decade, FPI has been monitoring the disease status carried by our long-term study populations, an area that can be expanded with your contribution. 


We plan to screen a greater number of both individual animals and species, as well as testing for more pathogens. In addition, we will track demographic changes in wildlife populations and communities, allowing insights relevant to conservation efforts. Finally, in locations where we work we establish conservation technology and methodologies that empower local scientists to start leading in wildlife research and surveillance programs. 


We know there are many causes out there that need your support. Thank you for choosing to support our work. 



The Field Projects International Team