The Bead Hive - Membership Registration Fee

About This Registration

GlassRoots Bead Hive provides local area bead and jewelry makers an opportunity to grow their skills, have fun and form community with other bead makers. During each session participants will enjoy two hours of open studio time to perfect their craft, plus short lessons in new techniques.

To BEEcome part of the BEAD HIVE, participants must have completed at least one introductory class in The Flame Shop. 

Bead Hive Membership
Membership is $60 and includes 3 open studio sessions (value $150).
Memberships are good for one year, and are non-transferable.  
Findings, specialty glass and supplies are available for separate purchase.



GlassRoots, Inc.
10 Bleeker St.
Newark NJ 07102



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