Christian Education Fact Sheet

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Christian Education Fact Sheet

Event description

This survey course explores the basics of Christian Education.

Christian Education has been described in any of the following ways.  
  1. Clergy and lay leaders to train others.
  2. People to participate in the life of the Christian community as informed worshippers.
  3. People for living responsibly in the world.
  4. People to grow as maturing Christians along the spiritual journey.
  5. People of the church for effective leadership.
Event logistics
  • Participants can register the course at any time throughout the year.
  • Pay $100.00 registration fee for the course from this page.  
  • A Multitude Experience Administrator is in communication with participants throughout the course for questions and support.  Skype, email and telephone contact information provided after registration.
  • The recommended time limit for completing the course is 4 – 6 weeks. 

Learning outcomes
  • Participant will describe how their ministry meets the goal of one of the “equipping” statements listed above.

  • Complete written assignment.  Rubric provided.
  • Participate in Skype Discussions. 

Learning methodology
  • Watch Video.  Notate on Affirmation Form.
  • Written work.
  • Discussions via Skype.

CEUs to be awarded 
  • .1