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You can include additional information about your Registrations in this section. 

For each of your Registration levels, you can designate the tax-deductibility status to individual items. Options include, Tax-deductible (you can set this to 100% of another percentage), Not Tax-Deductible, or set a Fair Market Value.

You can also cap the quantity of each Registration type to ensure you don't oversell. 

You can set your Registration types to close and open automatically on predetermined dates and times. 

In Person Attendance

You can include additional notes about this registration type here. 

0 Reserved
Max Quantity:30
Ending 01-03-2025 @ 12 am EDT

Virtual Attendance

For virtual attendees, we can include the Zoom link in the receipt that the registrant automatically receives after they've completed their transaction. 

10 Available
Max Quantity:10
Ending 01-03-2025 @ 5 pm EDT