Nominate a Child for a Little Lillian's Tea Party

In homage to the legacy of Lillian Hormel and her devotion to helping the people of her community, we would like to give a young girl in our community a very special gift this holiday season.  After the birth of Jay, Lillian was not able to have another child and longed for a daughter of her own.  As the years went on, Lillian's desire to help the girls and women of our community became even more of a focus.  Lillian was a strong supporter of the Young Women's Christian Association.  So devoted, in face, that she gave her beloved home to the YWCA when she and George retired to California in 1927.  The home remained the YWCA until the early 1990's.

Our organization is looking to give this gift to a well-deserving, grade-school age girl to be the recipient of a Little Lillian Tea Party Experience at the Hormel Historic Home.  If you know a young girl who is suffering from a life-impacting illness, has made a brave recovery from a life-impacting illness or is in the beginning stages of an illness, we would love to hear her story.  Being able to just be a kid for a day gives children and their families hope and strength for the next day.  We are committed to giving this hope and strength, and hope you are too.

To nominate a girl, please complete the form below.  Forms must be submitted no later than Friday, December 8, 2023.  A group of HHH volunteers, members, and board members will read the stories and award this special gift. 

To Lillian, home was a place where life should be lived at its best and should be a welcoming abode, for both family and for the community.  Home was, in her opnion, not to be sacrificed for business.  Her heart and home were always open for any helpful interest in the community and to her friends from all walks of life.  Lillian was held in very high regard by all who knew her.  The George A. Hormel Company (now known as Hormel Foods, Inc.) and the community of Austin benefitted greatly from the marriage of George and Lillian Hormel.  Although Lillian has been gone for 77 years, she continues to inspire us today through the many areas of the Hormel Historic Home's missions and our commitment to serving and supporting our community.

Rules and Regulations:

By submitting a nomination, please know that the submission grants, to the Hormel Historic Home, a non-exclusive license to public, display, reproduce, modify, edit, or otherwise use the submission, in whole or in part, for the purposes of promoting the nomination and for any other reason.  Each entry or nomination acknowledges that the submission may be posted on the Hormel Historic Home's website and social media, without limitation, at the Hormel Historic Home's sole discretion.  Submitting a nomination is not an indication that the entrant has won a Little Lillian Tea Party Experience or is otherwise eligible for a Little Lillian Tea Party Experience.  By submitting a nomination, each entry agrees that the submission is gratuitous and made without restriction, and will not place the Hormel Historic Home under any obligation, and that the Hormel Historic Home is free to disclose the submission on a non-confidential basis to anyone or otherwise use the entry without compensation to the entrant.  No substitution, cash redemption, or transfer of the Little Lillian's Tea Party Experience is permitted.  At the Hormel Historic Home's discretion, if the Nominate A Child Little Lillian's Tea Party Experience is unclaimed, it may not be awarded.  The Nominate a Child winner will be notified by telephone and email and will be required to complete, sign, and return a declaration of eligibility and publicity release.  The Hormel Historic Home reserves the right to request proof of identity and proof of submitted information by entrant in a form deemed satisfactory by the Hormel Historic Home.  By entering this nomination, each entrant expressly consents to the Hormel Historic Home, its agents and/or representatives, storing, sharing, and using the personal information submitted with his/her entry for the purpose of administering and carrying out the Nominate A Child Little Lillian Tea Party Experience.  Any inquiry concerning the personal information held by the Hormel Historic Home should be addressed by sending an email to [email protected].  By accepting the gift of a Little Lillian's Tea Party Experience through the Hormel Historic Home's Nominate A Child program the winner of the Little Lillian's Tea Party Experience grants permission for the Hormel Historic Home and their agents to use his/her name, video/photograph, voice and other likeness, for advertising and/or publicity purposes in any and all current media now or into the future without time limitations and without additional compensation.  There is no limit to the number of times a child can be nominated by different submitters.  Once a child is nominated, they are eligible to be chosen at any point within one calendar year.  Once a child is chosen for a Nominate A Child Little Lillian Tea Party, they may not be eligible to be chosen in the future.  

Nominate A Child

Please enter YOUR contact information in the first section.  In the page following the contact page, you'll enter information about the child you're nominating and their family or parent(s) or guardian(s).

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Ending 12-08-2023 @ 11 pm EST
Download: Nominate a Child Rules & Regulations

Nominate a Child Rules & Regulations