GFFO - LIVE - Teenagers from Outer Space

Movie with a live orchestra!

Alien interplanetary teenage ranchers in flying saucers come to Earth to raise their man-eating monster lobster herd.

That's right!! Gigantic lobsters threaten all of humanity! WHAT WILL WE DO??

Find out as we present TEENAGERS FROM OUTER SPACE in its original aspect ratio and for the first time in our exclusive "SCENT-O-VISION!"

GET READY FOR EXCITING COMICAL ADVENTURE!! This 1959 infamous low-budget sci-fi movie is unintentionally hilarious and loads of fun. The GFFO will use some of the best music on Earth to turn this film into a fun epic adventure you won't want to miss!

GFFO IN PERSON theater tickets

Join us with seating in the beautifully restored historic movie theater.

-- Comfortable lobby

-- Excellent food and refreshments for sale

-- Live orchestra with the big screen movie. 

Max Quantity:30