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Fall Wildflower Walk

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Fall Wildflower Walk

September 28, 2019 

Hickory Cabin at Briggs Woods

2 PM (Free)

Join your Legacy Learning Guide and explore the wildflower trail in Briggs Woods Park. Discover the beauty of the late season fall flowers in the beauty of an autumn afternoon.


What is it that makes a good year?  What are the conditions that carve the future?

Of whose glorious amazing bounty will win this year’s award?

They all compete for the title of the most amazing of the year.

Yet last year’s performance has no bearing on today.

Last year the hills were awash with Queen Anne’s Lace.

The year before we saw coneflowers, and meadows of sunflowers the year before.  What beauty will we see this year?

Saturday 09/28/2019

02:00 PM EST