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Workshop 3 - Strategic Board Development:

Given the tremendous responsibility and decision-making power of boards, and the length of most board members' tenures, making sure you have the right composition of leaders on your board is essential. in the final course of our three-part series, we will look at ways nonprofits can "get the right people around the table" and keep them engaged through ongoing development and evaluation.

Join board governance expert Linda Jacobs in the third workshop of our Effective Board Governance series where you'll be given the best tools to maximize the development and impact of your board. Take advantage of this hands-on workshop opportunity to further develop and improve the effectiveness of your board!

In this workshop you will learn about:
  • The Board building cycle end-to-end; from identifying needs to cultivating leaders and recruitment strategies
  • Board member orientation
  • Training and development
  • Evaluating board performance - key metrics and dashboards

Tuesday 11/05/2019

10:00 AM PST


12:00 PM PST

CVNL Marin, Main Conference Room
65 Mitchell Blvd
San Rafael CA 94903



    Ending 11-05-2019 @ 12 pm EST


    Ending 11-05-2019 @ 12 pm EST