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Effective Volunteer Engagement Workshop

Did you know that you can double your organization’s impact by strategically utilizing volunteers? Yes, seriously... it’s scientifically proven. But you need to know how to do it right!

Effective Volunteer Engagement is not "using volunteers" to perform this or that task, but rather a series of activities and outcomes that engage, connect, and retain volunteers in positions that support an organization's social mission.

Join Elaine Tokolahi, Director of Volunteer Services at CVNL, to understand what volunteer engagement is all about, and:

  • Learn the value of utilizing volunteers throughout your entire organization
  • Learn how to link your organization’s needs to the motivations of volunteers
  • Learn ways to gather, retain, and grow volunteers to be the most effective and impactful for your organization's mission

Wednesday 10/02/2019

11:00 AM PST


01:00 PM PST

Volunteer Center of Sonoma County
153 Stony Circle, Suite 100
Santa Rosa California 95401



    Ending 10-02-2019 @ 12 pm EST


    Ending 10-02-2019 @ 12 pm EST