We're ecstatic that you'll be joining us for this year's Feast at Home! Here's everything you need to know to register:

First, choose how much food you want for your Feast and how many people will be Feasting. The options are:

  • Full Feast (you'll get to choose an appetizer, an entree, a dessert and optional coffee/tea)
  • Snacky Feast (you'll get to choose an appetizer, a dessert, and optional coffee/tea but not an entree)
  • Feast-less Feast (you'll get an activity box, but no food)

Second, choose if you want one of our brand new t-shirts to brag on how cool middle schoolers are. Check out a larger image and/or see the men's/women's sizing charts for more info.


Picture: Apple Green short-sleeve shirt. Front says: Act like a middle schooler. Back says: Be imaginative, empathetic, open minded, passionate, explorative; with a TomTod logo tagged on the bottom.

Once you've chosen the amount of food and the number of guests for each kind of Feast, click Add to Cart. From there, the registration will guide you to verify your order, give us core contact information, choose your Feast courses, select which seating you prefer (6 pm or 9 pm - program will be the same at both), pick a t-shirt size (if ordered) and provide payment information.

Once you submit everything, you're good to go to join us for a fun, inspiring and tasty evening on May 30!

A few tips:

  • All food will be delivered together by a TomTod volunteer on the day of the event. You will receive further information closer to the event date with what time to expect your food delivery.
  • All food will be cold-packed and prepared to be heated up in a microwave, making sure you have the temperature you desire without the taste-loss of normal reheating.
  • We are only able to deliver food inside most of Stark County and the southern portion of Summit County (south of Cuyahoga Falls). We will be in touch with curbside pickup options if you order food but are outside of our delivery radius. 
  • If you're ordering for 2 people or more (delivered to the same address), you can mix and match the various kinds of Feasts however you like.
  • Due to the complexity of managing food orders from multiple restaurants and coordinating deliveries, we are not able to offer additional food customizations beyond the choices offered.
  • Check out our Feast site for full info and FAQ's.

Saturday 05/30/2020

Registrations are unavailable at this time. Please visit again!