Jay Van Groningen

Supporting: Restoring Our Cities Registration 2022 for Great Lakes Urban Restoration Network


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I found through my participation in ROC Michigan 2014 through 2021 that I love riding bicycle, I love it even more when doing it with Laura and friends. And I love it still more when I am able to support a great cause. ROC Michigan 2022 fulfills all of these loves! 

During the last couple of years Covid has shown how harmful Isolation is: Increased addiction, increased suicide, increased poverty to name a few. Isolation is a root cause of  poverty in North America. What is the anti-dote to isolation? Community - real relationships in which reciprocal giving and receiving help us all flourish together.

Great Lakes Urban (GLU) is an "engine", a movement maker, developing leaders who are overcoming isolation by building community. In Wyoming MI Doris (a community connector trained by GLU) is facilitating a group of residents including immigrants to work together to improve their lives. In Holland, Wyoming, Grand Rapids, and now at the national level in several cities there are teams of residents working to solve problems keeping residents at the center of their stories. 

We in America have become accustomed to solving intractable problems by creating institutions (governments, social services, non profits). But their track record is pretty dismal. A far more effective way is for citizens and neighbors to work together where they are to solve their problems and achieve their dreams together. Please join us in this cause by riding with us, sponsoring me or Laura, or making a donation to GLU. Thanks sincerely, 



2022 Restoring Our Cities Cycling Event

Things to Know

  • We provide several (including family-friendly) route options for novice to experienced riders. 

  • options extend from 5, 15, 30, 60, to 100 miles on recreational trails.

  • We welcome youth under 18 when they are accompanied by an adult.

  • Families are encouraged to join in.

  • Helmets are required for safety purposes.

  • A support crew will be available to ensure help is always nearby.​

  • Each rider gets a t-shirt, snacks and water, and route information.

                                  What We Ask

    • $35 registration fee to cover event costs. $25 per rider for families of 4 or more.

    • Respect the beautiful biking trails and areas of West Michigan we Will be riding through!

    • ​Have fun while doing good! Bike on!


How would you like to support?