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Donate Furniture


We are so grateful for the generous donations of home furnishings offered by many members of our community.  Here are LKNB's guiding principles for you consider when offering a donation for this program:

  1. We believe that the clients we serve should be treated with dignity and respect, and we want the items we share with them to reflect that value.  Therefore, we ask that you only offer items that are truly in good-to-excellent condition.  We will not accept items that are noticeably stained, broken in any way, covered in rust or mold, have strong odors, or have been damaged by pets (including being covered in pet hair), especially mattresses.  Mattresses must have no history of infestation by bedbugs, and lice must not be present in the household at the time of donation of beds, couches, love seats, or armchairs.  
  2. We accept donations of bed sets, dressers, living room furniture (couches, chairs, and end tables), and dining sets.  These are the items our clients request the most.  We DO NOT accept clothes, hangers, appliances, electronics, music, videos, books/magazines, decorations, artwork, kitchenware, food, chemicals, weapons, tools, machinery, or building materials.
  3. We believe that it is important that donors feel rewarded by their generosity.  In that vein, we are always ready to provide donors with a tax receipt listing items donated.  If you don't get one before our volunteers leave your home, please let them know you would like one and someone will get it from the truck for you.  If you'd prefer, we can email one to you.