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WILLING TO VOLUNTEER - Have a desire to provide service to others and get a sense of satisfaction from helping those in need.

OPEN HEARTED - Promise to practice being more compassionate, understanding, empathetic, forgiving and patient with every day that passes.

KNOWINGLY COMMITTED TO CREATING CHANGE - Will openly let others know that you are part of the T4C Movement, help spread awareness and provide resources when ever possible.

EVOLVED ATTITUDE - Will strive to have a positive outlook on all experiences wether "good" or "bad."


*All staff and volunteers of TALENT4CHANGE must try their best to:

*Help maintain credibility for the TALENT4CHANGE MOVEMENT by representing their self and or organization or company as part of TALENT4CHANGE.

*Practice the art of self-improvement on a daily basis by being more forgiving, understanding, empathetic, compassionate, considerate, kind, and respectful.

*Be willing to provide service to others when possible. Even if it's something as simple as holding a door open for someone or providing a nice compliment.

*Always hold yourself accountable and try your best to carry yourself with integrity and respect.

*Avoid arguments or fights, not result to insult or hurtful comments upon disagreements.

*Be open to a difference of opinion or belief and be willing to embrace differences with the understanding that it's ok to be different.

*Simply serve as a guide and allow others the opportunity to learn from personal experience.

*Help others figure out what they might be doing wrong by showing them what is right and not by telling them they are wrong.

*Refrain from demonstrating frustration with or yelling at those we are trying to work with or help.

*Refrain from using language that may be deemed foul or offensive.