Land Based Cleanups

Want to become an on-going Land-Based Volunteer?

Want to become a land-based cleanup volunteer?!  

About Land-Based Cleanups:

Dumpbusters, the primary land-based program at Allegheny CleanWays, is a few steps above your garden-variety litter cleanups. We work in small crews or large groups to remove illegal dumpsites in Allegheny County. Illegal dumpsites are usually quite large, being weighed in tons rather than pounds, and are often composed of tires, construction and renovation debris, televisions, furniture, and household waste. Our goal at these sites is to return them to as close to an untarnished state as possible. We find that repeat dumping occurs in places where people can see signs of previous dumping. We aim to keep that from happening by removing all signs of illegal dumping from each site.  

It's tough work, but we do the job cooperatively and with clear, respectful communication to ensure everyone's safety. If something is cumbersome or heavy, we work together to remove it safely and effectively. Dumpbusters avoid making assumptions about our abilities; we work together in a way that benefits everyone. Nobody’s getting a refrigerator up a hillside without cooperation and communication! 

Being a dumpbuster is satisfying, gratifying work. You’ll be astounded to see what a small, dedicated team of people can accomplish in just a few hours. Our efforts benefit not only ourselves by being an excellent workout, but the entire community by improving the health and well-being of the environment. Removing the waste from illegal dumpsites beautifies neighborhoods, making them safer places to live, as well as improving the quality of the soil and waterways. While every little bit does count in the world of anti-litter and anti-dumping local environmentalism, the big efforts of the dumpbusters are significant, quantifiable, and something to be truly proud of. 

When we work and what you'll need to know:

DumpBusters are cleaning up illegal dumpsites all year long in neighborhoods around Allegheny County and rely on the help of volunteers. All cleanups are from 9am-12pm. You must register for the individual cleanup you would like to attend. 

All volunteers must wear closed-toe shoes or boots, and long pants long sleeves and a hat are encouraged to protect from poison ivy, ticks, and sunburn. It's recommended that you wear clothes you don't mind getting dirty. We will provide work gloves, safety glasses, and all other necessary tools and materials. Please be sure to bring your full reusable water bottle and snacks (not provided).

Please send any questions, comments, or trash talk to [email protected] 

Thank you for joining our efforts!