4EVER Tickets

Help us launch the Xperience and make a big impact on families in 2020

4EVER Ticket

This is a family show, and here's your family's forever ticket. We thank you for helping to launch the show (insert applause here from our grateful cast and crew!) 

Each ticket admits one family group (by household, blood, or otherwise whoever you consider to be part of your family)  of the selected size to any available regular seating for our shows, year-round. Additional tickets for extra family members may be purchased for a discounted rate at time of 4EVER ticket usage (just in case of that 'surprise honey we're having another one' moment or if crazy cousin Larry decides to tag along.)  Since the 4EVER ticket price is a very limited time offer, and is priced well below the current market value for the actual show tickets (27.99 per seat), it is not considered a tax-deductible donation. All 4-ever tickets purchased in fall of 2020 will also get a FREE upgrade to VIP seating (regularly 31.99 each)!

Remember this isn't just for the kids - it's the show for the whole family, of all ages. Don't forget your teenager (seriously, don't) and maybe consider bringing grandparents along for the fun also. If you plan to come to the show more than once as a family, as we know you will want to, you can buy more than one forever ticket for your family size.

Single parent household (one adult and one child/teen)


Estimated Delivery: 2 weeks
Two adults and one child/teen, or one adult and two kids of any age.


Estimated Delivery: 2 weeks
Two adults and two children/teens, or one adult and three other family members.


Estimated Delivery: 2 weeks
Five family members, or if you have a larger family than 5 (way to go!) we will give you a special price for additional tickets however big your family is, even if you are bringing Grampa, Nana, and cousin Larry along (crazy cousin additional fees waived only for 4EVER ticket holders!) Let us know when you are reserving your tickets and we will help handle any extra details to make your visit special.


Estimated Delivery: 2 weeks
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