Will you give "a leg up", please? December 27, 2015


Hoofbeats Academy needs your "leg up"!

Have you heard this favorite horseman's riddle?
question: how do you make a small fortune in horses?
answer: you start with a large one!

We started in 2005 on a shoe string as a small business called Equibloom Therapeutic Riding. It took almost a decade for the riddle to be proven.

Hoofbeats Academy was founded in 2014 and declared a 501c3 non-profit organization. Fundraising is still quite new to us and we have lots to learn!

We do know that if you knew what we do, you might help. So, this is what we do.

We help our students' function!
When our students participate, they get stronger and more coordinated.

We help improve our students' intellectual ability!
When our students participate, their brains get a great workout.

We help make our students' feel included!
When our students participate they gain social and emotional experience.

This results in an improved quality of life for our students' and their families.

We also give a safe, healthy, happy home to our equine staff, half of whom are rescued. We are on a mission to rescue more elder horses and striving to be a forever home for all Hoofbeats Academy Equine staff.

We pledge to continue to do all of the above! Here is our wish list:

visit to our website/free!
like us and share on all social media/free!
hay @ $10/bale
timothy pellets @ $14.95/bag
concentrate feeds @ $30/bag
treats @ $7/bag
farrier (hoof care) $35/horse/every 6 weeks
dental check up @$100/horse/yearly
yearly vaccinations, Coggins @$150/horse/year
facility cost $1100/monthly
truck and trailer for farm utility, emergencies and horse shows
our own home
cold hard cash fund!

sure hope you will contribute to any of the above! Happy New Year!