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You can include additional information about your items in this section. 

For each of your items, you can designate the tax-deductibility status to individual items. Options include, Tax-deductible (you can set this to 100% of another percentage), Not Tax-Deductible, or set a Fair Market Value.

You will see in the section below that Sales Tax and Shipping Options can be added to specific items as needed. You can also apply a maximum shipping cost to an entire order. For example, if a supporter purchases three items, instead of paying $5.00 in shipping for each item they would only be charged $11.00. 

You can also cap the quantity of each type of item to ensure you don't oversell. 

Item 1

If you would like to add additional descriptions about the individual item, that text can be added here. 

0 Sold
Note: 3.25% sales tax will be added. Estimated Delivery: This item should be delivered within two weeks

(Capped at $8.00/order)
Max Per Order:5

Item 2

Only 3 left!
Estimated Delivery: This item should be delivered within six weeks
Max Per Order:3