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Pesach Without the Pain

About This Item

Pesach Without the Pain: A Practical Guide to the Laws and Practices of Passover

By Rabbi Eliezer Hirsch 

This book is based on Rabbi Eliezer Hirsch’s most popular class - - his annual “Pesach Without the Pain: A Guide to the Laws of Passover.” Following in the wisdom he was taught that it’s the primary job of the rabbi to make it easier to follow Halacha, Rabbi Hirsch hopes his book will help readers experience the holiday of Pesach in a more meaningful way, free up their time to focus on the spiritual aspects of the holiday, and reduce the pressure so that any negative attitude toward Pesach is transformed into joy and appreciation for this beautiful Yom Tov.

Save on shipping charges by picking up the book at shul. To arrange your pick up, please select the box without the shipping fee and Email the Shul to schedule.



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