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Life Skills Series: Basic Skills for Lifelong

This series of interactive workbooks is designed to provide
readers with real-world guidance and support overcoming some of the most common
challenges faced by returning citizens, their families and communities.

Transforming words into deeds, knowledge into action...
that's what this interactive series is all about. Workbooks help people apply
key facts to their own situation, and are ideal for ongoing reference. Each
topic combines detailed, ready-to-use information with hands-on worksheets,
quizzes, and other exercises to help readers develop positive life-management

Developed for a wide-variety of age groups, reading levels
and cultural backgrounds, each workbook contains straightforward text to ensure
readability. We've earned a reputation for powerful writing on a wide range of
compelling topics, and are a versatile convenient resource that help meet and
exceed programming goals.

Used by workforce development agencies, family service
centers in all branches of the military, schools, correctional institutions,
and community service providers, this series of interactive workbooks is a
comprehensive solution to your ongoing programming needs. This series can be purchased as one easy to navigate book
(complete 14-part series) or as individual series titles to address the key
needs of clients.

Module titles include:

  • Active Parenting: Pre and Post Release
  • Anger Management and You
  • Being A Successful Employee
  • Better Self-Esteem
  • Community Reentry: Tools for Success
  • How to Manage Stress
  • Managing Anger and Conflict
  • Managing Credit Wisely
  • Managing Family Conflict
  • Parenting and Anger Management
  • Relaxation for Your Health
  • Successful Money Management
  • You and Your Health
  • Your Resume and You

Note: This series is comprised of 14 individual workbooks. For your convenience, each workbook may be purchased individually or as a single book containing all 14 workbooks.

Transcript and certificate of achievement issued upon successful completion.


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