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Group Game-Making Session (Weekend)


If you have a group (12-50ppl) that is looking to volunteer we would love to host a game making session with you!  

Community ONE, Inc. is an experiential learning non-profit organization that uses interactive games to teach children about careers and the importance of positive decision making. We need YOU to help us create these interactive games! (example: if an architect is our guest speaker, we create a challenge with Legos).

Here is what you can expect: 

1. Your group will PLAY a current Community ONE, Inc. game to understand our "Learn by Play" model

2. We will TEACH you the do's and don't of making Community ONE games

3. Your group will get into smaller groups lead by Community ONE staff and CREATE games based upon upcoming speakers.

4. You will PRESENT your game to the larger group

5. We will PLAY the most popular game of the day

6. After the session, You RECEIVE photos of kids playing the games you created! 

Cool things you get out of this unique opportunity:

1. Volunteer for an amazing cause AND have fun at the same time

2. Build teamwork skills and boost morale amongst colleagues

3. Meet other fun and creative people like yourself

Dates are not set in advance. We plan these interactive sessions around a group's availability. Please email [email protected] with any specific questions.

  • 2 Hours Per Shift