Monday 12:30-2:30pm: Sandwich Making at Oasis

Each Tuesday and Thursday afternoon, a team of MDDC Champions will go downtown and provide those who are housing and food insecure with lunches. In the past, we could only feed as many as sandwiches were donated by 7-11. Each week we would have to turn people away or deny them a second sandwich.

We have now partnered with Oasis and have the opportunity to make enough sandwiches and lunches to accommodate the surplus of adults we get to serve each week. 

Help us prep and bag sandwich lunches for our friends downtown. We will meet at Mercy Drops Dream Center and then ride over to Oasis (where we will be making the sandwiches) together. Thanks for signing up for this outreach and helping us to keep the Ripple Effect Growing!

Monday, April 22

All Reserved

Monday, May 13

Max Quantity:1

Monday, May 20

Max Quantity:1

Monday, June 3

Max Quantity:1

Monday, June 17

Max Quantity:1

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