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Give a Gift In Kind
Give a Gift In Kind

TomTod Ideas Main Office & other program locations (schools, businesses, event venues, coffee shops, etc.) 715 Market Ave N
Canton, Ohio 44702


In-Kind Donors volunteer goods or services to TomTod Ideas with their connections and skill sets, such as photography, videography, accounting services, web and graphic design, and other gifts in kind. They provide their services on location at various programs, at the TomTod Ideas main office, or from their preferred location at which they accomplish their tasks.

Currently we need photographers and videographers who can shoot on location at various events and programs such as at Camp What If, at meeting places for What If You Couldand schools for What If 101.

We love our in-kind donors and wouldn't be able to accomplish our mission without them. Sign up to be one of the best people ever!