Gratekeepers- ACW's storm drain adoption program!

    Allegheny CleanWays is kicking off a new program which offers volunteer opportunities for everyone in Pittsburgh!

    Gratekeepers is a storm drain adoption program, encouraging everyone to be the gatekeeper to a healthy watershed in their neighborhood, and the region at large. Simply put, Gratekeepers select a storm drain to adopt and tend to it by keeping it free of litter and debris. Volunteers can choose the extent of their participation from as little as a few minutes each week checking in on the storm drain near their home, to adopting several drains along their daily commute. Volunteer as much as you'd like, on your own schedule!

    By choosing to be a Gratekeeper and adopting a storm drain in your neighborhood, you'll be doing a big part in keeping trash and debris out of our waterways. Gratekeepers stop the litter on land from entering the watershed, where it becomes much more difficult to clean up and is destined to pollute our oceans. We understand that the health of our waterways and the land are connected, and we also know that every small effort makes a difference! Become a Gratekeeper and do your part to reduce our negative impact on the environment. 

     Register here, and our program coordinator will get in touch with you about getting started.

Download: How to Remove Gloves

How to safely remove gloves after a cleanup

Download: Introduction to Gratekeepers

please review this intro to the Gratekeepers program before beginning!