Event Planner/

DUTIES: Spirits landing Event Planners are both right and left brained. Able to think analytically as it relates to company financial goals and sponsorship relations as well as pay attention to details regarding vendors and timelines. Conversely. She has the ability to be creative. The ability to always deliver the heart of the company and those the company serves through creative messaging that is relevant and powerful. Whether the event is a variety talent show, a tea party, an outdoor garden event, a big gala or intimate gathering for our donors, she is flexible and creative in her thinking. Able to create and put together a spectacular and meaningful event for Spirits Landing regardless of budget. She simply makes it happen!


  • Attend on-site meetings (2 hours approx), 2 times per month
  • Develop and execute Spirits Landing’s annual fundraising Gala
  • Develop and maintain at least 1 fundraiser yearly in addition to the annual Gala
  • Overseeing organization and execution of fundraising events
  • Developing and tracking proposals and reports for all funding partners and sponsors
  • Produce marketing and solicitation materials and train volunteers for  fundraising campaigns
  • Planning & organizing Spirits Landing Tea & baked goods party event that happens yearly at our Spirits landing House\
  • Planning & organizing Spirits Landing’s Debate/Presentation Fundraiser at our Spirits Landing House   


  • Demonstrated excellence in organizational, managerial, and communication skills as well as a self-starter and highly motivated
  • 1-year experience in Development (preferred)
  • Must be detail oriented and meticulous
  • Must possess a positive, fearless attitude – do not take “no” for an answer
  • Must be motivated and saturated with Spirits Landing’s purpose, mission, and culture as it relates to funding needs.
  • Must be very creative


Although a volunteer position, Event Planner will receive 10% of all funds raised at each event.

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