Communication & Marketing

DUTIES: The volunteer’s main service for the Company will be that of Communication & Marketing – Guest Speakers/ Contractors, Business, In-kind donations whose job and/or responsibilities may include but are not limited to:

Building bridges with businesses that create strategic and longstanding partnerships with the Company for various purposes. Mainly, to get donors that supply spirits landing in order to support and advance each student and/or students through the curriculum.


  • Attend on-site meetings (2 hours approx), 2 times per month
  • To build partnerships for Spirits Landing from the external community
  • Seeks major In-Kind (material) gifts and/or donations from individuals, corporations, and business prospects.
  • Maintains an active schedule of solicitation, cultivation, and stewardship calls and scheduled visits to potential  In-kind donors and new prospects that will be a part of granting a wish for a specific student.
  • Maintains an active schedule of solicitation and stewardship calls for guest speakers needed for specific curriculum purposes, special event or graduations.
  • Works with programs director and Executive Director


  • Knowledge of Spirits landing Curriculum needs and timelines
  • Great Enthusiasm toward company mission and Excellent knowledge of its facts/history 
  • GREAT research skills
  • Great Communicator
  • Confident

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