Board of Directors

Board of Directors – The board of directors builds bridges within communities in order to enhance Spirits Landing’s public standing. To create strategic and longstanding partnerships with Spirits Landing, to create and maintain alliances that directly support, build and execute Spirits Landing’s culture, mission and programming. Our board consists of a board chair, secretary and treasurer.  Responsibilities of our Advisory

  • To meet in person monthly for 2 hours ( for 6 months ) until Spirits landing’s culture is learned and fluid and then meetings will be held quarterly.
  • To internalize/memorize the Spirits Landing core: Mission, Spirits Landing Woman and Chief Aim
  • To identify resources for grants, personally contribute and/or introduce  CEO to major donor prospects.
  • To advise CEO when needed or necessary individually and/or as a group toward best practices toward making Spirits Landing prolific, respected and sought after as a self -discovery leadership academy for women.

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