Director of Operations
New Student Recruitment

Director of Operations – New Student Recruitment whose job and/or responsibilities include but are not limited to:

Building bridges within communities that create strategic and longstanding partnerships with the Company for various purposes. Mainly, to create alliances that directly support and build Spirits Landing culture through new students, and their parents.


  • To serve as “gate-keeper” for company CULTURE; the morals, ideals and core values of Spirits Landing
  • To build partnerships for Spirits Landing from the external community; specifically schools and other girls/women’s organizations
  • Will work with the team leader in groups or individually to carry out the dream or goal of a particular student or group of students toward the support, advancement, and completion of each students study in becoming a leader within the program.
  • Edits/Updates Volunteer handbooks
  • Maintains an active schedule of solicitation, cultivation and stewardship calls, sending of correspondence and scheduled visits to potential schools, non-profits for girls, Department of Children and Family Services and other foster youth programs.
  • Responsible for recruiting new students
  • Provides ongoing feedback to students concerning their performance in the academy
  • Responsible for updating and/or execution of new student Vetting processes.
  • To give accountability to all students on expected timelines for program graduation
  • To administer 3 strikes you are out system
  • To perform dove self- esteem workshop and/or other orientation programs for new clients
  • To act as liaison between parents and staff and maintain healthy parent involvement


  • Background in community development and team leadership
  • Great enthusiasm toward the mission of the company and in supporting each student
  • Must have a GREAT personality
  • Excellent problem solver
  • Must be able to write excellent presentations and great at public speaking
  • Good recruitment skills
  • Must possess great empathy and have some counseling experience

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