New Staff Recruiter/Hire and Human Resources


The Volunteer’s main service for the Company will be that of whose job and/or responsibilities include but are not limited to:

Building bridges within communities that create strategic and longstanding partnerships with the Company for various purposes. Mainly, to create and maintain alliances that directly support and build Spirits Landing culture through new staff, volunteers, independent contractors and interns.


  • To serve as “gate–keeper” for the CULTURE of the company; the morals, ideals and core values of Spirits Landing
  • To give accountability to all staff on expected projects/assignments and timelines
  • Will work with the team leaders in groups or individually to carry out the dream or goal of a particular staff member/volunteer/ intern toward the support, advancement, and completion of staff/volunteer/intern role toward becoming a leader, a productive staff member or termination from the Company.
  • Provides ongoing feedback to fellow employees concerning their performance
  • Implement a professional development program to address employee experience & happiness
  • Human resources duties such as the recruitment and training of employees
  • Develop and implement a system to evaluate the skill, experience and professional development needs of all staff
  • To administer 3 strikes you are out system to all hires
  • Hears – deescalates – solves problems/disputes between staff members and/or parents


  • Background in community development and team leadership
  • Great enthusiasm toward the mission of the company and in supporting staff
  • Must have a GREAT personality
  • Excellent problem solver
  • Great speaking demeanor and skills
  • Good recruitment skills
  • Must possess great empathy and have some counseling experience

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