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Fundraising Committee

Fundraising Committee

About Us

H.Y.P.E. to Empower, Inc. aims to transform the lives of children, youth, young adults, families, and communities living with HIV. 

H.Y.P.E. is an HIV services and youth advocacy organization charged with building and growing programs that empower youth to succeed individually and to become leaders in order to transform the lives of children, youth, young adults, families, and communities living with HIV.

 H.Y.P.E. envisions empowered youth who live sustainable lifestyles accomplished through the mentoring and cultivating of individuals to better manage personal health, finances, and social responsibilities. H.Y.P.E. will equip individuals who enter it’s programs with the educational and personal capacities to be leaders in their communities and to advocate for themselves and for others living with HIV.

The H.Y.P.E. team is currently made up of Founder and Executive Director, LaMar Yarborough a young, gay, black male, who was diagnosed with HIV on his 19th birthday now 26, and cancer later that year in December of that same year.

H.Y.P.E.’s team is made of a working Board of Directors, and skills-based volunteers. Together they are building a suite of programs to serve young people living with HIV in the Atlanta and Metro area.

Work Description

The Fundraising Committee is a standing committee with goals of raising funds to ensure the financial viability and stability of the organization. Membership of the Fundraising Committee is reviewed by the President. The Fundraising Committee Chair, Committee Members and the Executive Director will work together to determine committee needs and will brainstorm new and potential committee members.

Led by: Fundraising Committee Chair 

Reports To: Executive Director

The Volunteer Fundraising Committee position hours can vary depending on the activities of the board and the organization. 

Information Related to The Job Description:

  • The position is unpaid. 
  • Volunteer positions allow flexible work schedules and the opportunity to work remotely, if available.
  • If seeking credit or practicum hours, additional documents will be required.

Information Related to The Job Description:


Fundraising Committee Chair Responsibilities

  • Provide leadership for the committee
  • Facilitate communication and discussion during the meetings 
  • Serve as a spokesperson within the organization for the committee 
  • Facilitate the meeting according to the agenda 
  • Create the agenda in partnership with staff support 
  • Provide research as needed for the committee 
  • Send out meeting reminders and agendas 
  • Take minutes during the meeting and create the monthly Board report 
  • Stay in regular communication with the Executive Director 
  • Bring the viewpoint of the Board of Directors to the committee discussion 
  • Bring action items and recommendations from the Committee to the Executive Director when necessary. 
  • Report Board decision back to the committee.

Committee Expectations:

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Review all previous year fundraising activity including Annual Appeal and make recommendations for improvements for the new fiscal year.
  • Find, create and implement fundraising opportunities throughout our funding portals, Google search, word of mouth, and throughout the Region and national.
  • Conduct a fundraising SWOT analysis and revise and update the previous fund development plan based on findings.
  • Hold staff and board accountable for implementing the strategies of the fund development plan within stated timeframes; measure progress toward goals monthly; troubleshoot with staff as necessary.
  • Create and maintain a shared fundraising calendar.
  • Analyze relationships with current and prospective major donors and funders, and develop individualized strategies to cultivate or strengthen those relationships.
  • Analyze relationships with current and prospective corporate sponsors, devise sponsorship packages, and work with staff and Board to develop relationships.
  • Work with Finance Committee or treasure to determine annual development budget.
  • Work with staff and outside consultants as required to plan and execute fundraising and friend-raising events.
  • Along with the Executive Director, meet with current and prospective major donors and funders (foundations and corporations).
  • Tap respective networks for potential donors of money, time and in-kind support.\
  • Copy Executive Director on all donor email contacts (and alert board about phone contacts) to ensure CRM is updated; request relevant reports from Board via CRM to inform decisions.
  • Report back to the Executive Director with written and verbal reports.
  • Meet monthly or as needed.
  • Determine Board fundraising expectations and goals; provide guidance for Board members on meeting fundraising goals; track progress toward fundraising goals both for individual Board members and for the Board as a whole.

Time Commitment

  • At minimum one in-person monthly meeting
  • Bi-weekly check-in conference call
  • Allocation of contacting donors or prospects, and peer to peer.

Term Limits

  • Volunteer Committee members can serve up to five consecutive two-year terms

Minimum Preferred Qualifications 

  • Ability to work independently
  • Detailed oriented
  • Well-developed communication skills 
      • Written and verbal 
  • Interest in HIV/AIDS and LGBTQ matters