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We ask for your support with our campaign, Give for Gaia,

and we hope you will join us in delivering high-quality,

nature-based mentoring and rites of passage for years to come

"Because we do scary things, when we accomplish it, it makes us proud and helps me to have more confidence in myself in the world." ~ Wildflowers and Rite of Passage Participant

Our Mission
Gaia Passages centers youth expressing their full selves in multicultural nature-based programs, empowering all to connect deeply with Earth wisdom within an intergenerational community of support and creative play.

Our Vision
We envision a world where humans embody love for our earth, each of us acting with justice and compassion,
honoring our creative selves, one another, and all our wild relations. 

In 2021 We... 

Created and implemented a new strategic plan 

based on the needs of our Greater Bay Area communities;

Hired a new Program Director, building on our vision of shared leadership;

Revised our curriculum to be more culturally responsive and inclusive;

 Launched a full scholarship bilingual rites of passage cohort in Richmond, CA;

Welcomed two new directors into our Board of Directors Circle; and

Provided our youth with opportunities to gather together outside, in-person, 

within a nourishing community of intergenerational mentorship.

With your continued support, we will accomplish even more in 2022!

We will build on our strong foundation by expanding our relationships with partners

who are deeply rooted in the communities we serve,

continuing to offer scholarships to increase diversity across our programs,

and creating more programs for parents, caregivers, and elders.

Gaia Passages thrives with community participation.

Help us expand our support and grow into a healthier, more-connected tomorrow.

Thank you!

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Message Special love to Sarai!! Congratulations on the wonderful work you are all doing <3
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