Buy A T-Shirt And Furnish A Homeless Veteran!

Every two shirts sold will pay to furnish a veteran's new home...


Your purchase today will go toward fulfilling our mission goal to provide free furniture to formerly homeless veterans making the transition into their first permanent residence.

Your donation will help us:

  • Provide on-demand delivery needed for donated furniture and appliance through a nationwide network of furniture donors.
  • Implement exclusive fund-raising programs as we expand and help more homeless veterans.
  • Hire veterans to work in their local areas, create income and encourage community outreach.
  • Provide the necessary help to local veteran shelters approved by the VA.
  • Help the veteran experience a seamless integration as they move into their new home.

  •  We have the knowledge, experience and massive motivation to expand this noble work into something that will reach thousands of homeless veterans and their families, forever changing lives. They deserve this and so much more ...

    We are proud to be the only certified 501(c)3 charity today, working solely with VA HPACT program approved for homeless Veterans.

    Just think - 'Buy a Tshirt and Furnish a Vet' ... what an ideal product choice with the ability to share a valuable message, show American Pride and support a tremendous cause .. (plus they last for YEARS right?).

    Thank You for your Patronage - we are available for any media, interviews or joint ventures that will directly benefit Furnish A Veteran.

    God Bless You!


    David Preston
    ph: (843) 460-8637


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    Thank You for what you are doing, I will help all I can

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