Aaron's Presents Words of Wisdom Book

A Gift for New Graduates and Young Adults!


Thank you for your interest in purchasing this labor of love that was created as a special gift to our Alumni who graduated from high school or turned 18 at the start of the pandemic in 2020! "Words of Wisdom" is a unique collection of practical advice and lessons for young adults written with love and care by 89 people from a wide range of ages, professions, nationalities, ethnicities, races, and life experiences. It is a perfect graduation gift for any teen or young adult in your lives!

With the generous help of talented graphic designer, Joanna Rugani, we created "Words of Wisdom" last summer and sent a copy to all of our post-high school Alumni and got such positive feedback that we are making it an annual gift! This year, we have 165 Aaron's Presents Alumni who will be starting their adult lives and will receive the book.

Our long-time and beloved supporters and passionate educators, Anne Ferguson and Peter Drench, generously sponsored the printing and distribution of this very special book--they loved it and wanted to help get it in the hands of as many young people as possible.

For every donation of $15, you will be able to ship one book to yourself or another address in the US ($12.25/book will be tax-deductible). Your gift will not only give a young adult in your life a lot of food for thought, but will also give us the capacity to continue engaging more youth in Aaron's Presents programs benefiting our communities and young people's futures.

Thank you, and hope you will enjoy reading your own copy as well!!

Leah Okimoto
Founder & Executive Director
[email protected]
(978) 809-5487

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