Mongo's Fundraising Campaign for P4!

by Wess Jolley

Supporting: P4 Peer-To-Peer Fundraising for The Performance Poetry Preservation Project

My Team: P4 Board



Most people in the community that know me, know me through my work with the IndieFeed Performance Poetry Channel, which I hosted for over ten years.  During those years I was privileged to meet and work with hundreds of performance poets, and dozens of poetry venues across North America and beyond.  I was able to record hundreds of hours of poetry performances myself in those venues, and see how vital and significant an artistic phenomenon Slam Poetry had become.

But I also saw a looming problem.  The venues I visited often recorded their slams.  But those recordings had an uncertain future, as they too often ended up in shoe boxes in the slammaster's closets, on media that was doomed to degrade and disappear in only a very few years.

I began to talk to venues and think about what kind of system this amazing community could put together to capture, preserve, and protect our own history.  I shared my vision of P4 with several key figures in the community, who enthusiastically signed on to the vision.  And then one day five years ago, Taylor Mali pushed into my hands a box of mini disks covering the Urbana Slam season of 2000-2001...  And P4 had begun our collection.

I'm as passionate today about preserving slam poetry history as I was when I was running IndieFeed.  But I also realize that the only way this effort can become sustainable and successful, is through the dedication and commitment of the members of our own community.

I invite you to join with me, help us preserve our poetic heritage, and ensure that the great recordings of the first 25 years of the slam poetry movement are available for generations to come.  Please consider a donation by clicking "Make a Donation" below.  And if IndieFeed was an important service for you, be sure to note in your donation form that you are donating in the channel's honor.  Thank you!

Thank you in advance for your generous contribution!


Welcome to the P4 Peer to Peer Fundraising Campaign!  This campaign allows our community to run individualized mini-fundraising campaigns, to share with friends and family.  Thanks for checking us out, and joining up!

P4 is a community-supported, grass-roots effort that protects and preserves the recorded history of the poetry slam movement. P4 possesses a living, growing, and carefully curated performance poetry archive, and our ambition is to collect and catalog a broad representation of the slam poetry movement.  We believe in the power of the poetry slam to change lives, and we are dedicated to preserving the great poetry that crosses hundreds of slam stages, all over the world.

Once you have selected a campaign sponsor, just click "Make a Donation" to lend your support.  Or click the "Become a Fundraiser" button to start a campaign of your own!


If you donate $25 or more to any of our campaigns P4 will send you a free spoken word CD, by one of the powerhouse legends of the poetry slam scene.  

For a donation of $25 or more, you may select either a copy of Taylor Mali's 2003 album Conviction, or Buddy Wakefield's 2006 album Run on Anything!  

Taylor's powerful work has been a mainstay of the performance poetry scene since almost the beginning, and his dedication to capturing and preserving the performances of the poets that crossed the stage of the Urbana Slam in New York City is legendary.  Buddy's voice has become a defining inspiration for a new, emerging generation of poets, and he has toured and performed all over the world with shows that draw rock-star like audiences.  Both of these poets are huge supporters of P4, and both have donated copies of their albums as premiums for P4 donors.

As a special incentive, Taylor has been kind enough to autograph all of his CDs!

For a donation of $25 or more, you can have your pick of either album.
For a donation of $50 or more, we'll send you both!

Thank you in advance for your generous contribution!