Nonviolence Daily

Signed copy: Nonviolence Daily: 365 Days of Inspiration from Gandhi, 2019, Person Power Press. 

As a constructive power, nonviolence is unleashed when potentially destructive drives like fear or anger are converted into creative equivalents like love and compassion. When harnessed systematically and in an experimental, scientific spirit, nonviolence can be used as a force for realizing greater security, justice, and social unity. The question is, how do we put this positive force into practice for the benefit of ourselves, our families, and our broader communities? Nonviolence Daily lights the way, with 365 digestible insights and daily calls-to-action for creating inner peace, resolving conflicts, and building community. Each page highlights a quote by Mahatma Gandhi, whose very life was a message of nonviolence, or “love in action.” Michael N. Nagler and Stephanie N. Van Hook provide commentary to the quotes, illustrating how today’s practical idealists can draw from Gandhi’s wisdom.

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Signed copy: Nonviolence Daily


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