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While you are in a trial, you’ll be introduced to your success manager, design team, and concierge service
Your success team’s responsibility is to complete your trial objectives
We’ll also upgrade your website, create brand new fundraising campaigns, build technical integrations/automation process, and set up reporting/accounting best practices during the trial
All of this work is done for you, with your guidance, at no cost

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At the end of the trial period, if it’s not good timing for you, no problem! Our efforts will not go to waste. We'll save all that hard work we did for you on file for when you're ready for us.



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If you leave Flipcause, we’ll refund you the difference in unused months.
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The price you sign up at is the same price you’ll stay as long as you are a Flipcause customer.
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Campaigns, transactions, CRM records, administrators, core features, concierge requests, and website updates.
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You’ll get all new features at no additional cost such as text to give, email through CRM, online auctions, and race & pledge.

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