About Clean Energy Is In Your Hands!

Thank you for helping Focus Fusion Society bring safe, affordable, abundant energy from non-polluting fusion to communities worldwide.


Energy empowers progress!

It’s crucial to develop cheap and sustainable energy technologies that are available to everyone. The recent grid failures in Texas could have been avoided with this technology. More importantly, it is a safer and cleaner option to replace dated systems.

Fusion Energy:

  • Is a safe process and not affected by extreme weather or other cataclysm.

  • Uses fuel (boron) that is plentiful and cheap.

  • Is affordable. 

  • Does not produce radioactive waste.

  • Can produce tremendous power in a small space.

Simulation work on the Dense Plasma Focus (DPF) system, a type of reactor, is our priority. Your donation will help us identify the most efficient conditions for this fusion process. The goal for this research is to simulate plasma up to the 350 nanosecond mark. To date, research up to 240 nanoseconds has been achieved.


Completion of the simulation research will require approximately $40,000 USD. Your gift toward this research will enable the advancement of clean energy worldwide. 


Imagine a world with available power for everyone! 

Thank you for caring about the future of clean energy and donating toward this critical research! Your gift is tax deductible in the United States.