About 'Tree of Growth'

This #GivingSeason, help SEPA Mujer reach our fundraising goal of $40,000 for our 'The Tree of Growth'

SPONSOR SEPA Mujer with a DONATION of $200 and get a leaf engraved for our SEPA 'Tree of Growth.'  

SEPA Mujer was founded in 1993 and only rented half of a room for 19 years. Since that first tiny room, SEPA has gradually grown into a stronger and trusted organization rooted in the Latina immigrant community. Finally, on December 3, 2020 SEPA Mujer had the opportunity to get its own home. The 'Tree of Growth' represents SEPA Mujer's development to support the Latina immigrant community we are rooted in. 

Why are we raising money?

We are so happy to be in our new home. However, a new home doesn't mean a new building. As a result, there are many renovations that we need in our new home. Our first project will be focused on replacing the old windows so that we can stay warm!

We are asking for your generosity for our 'Tree of Growth.'

SEPA Mujer is so lucky to be supported by so many wonderful donors. We are humbly asking for 200 donations of $200 so we can reach our goal of $40,000. For every $200 donation, the donor will get an engraved leaf that will contribute to the SEPA Mujer 'Tree of Growth'! For your donation you can choose to get a leaf engraved with  your name, in the memory of a loved one, or with your favorite quote.

We are grateful for your generous support over the years. We thank you for continuing to support SEPA Mujer's journey in 'Tree of Growth.' SEPA Mujer is certain that there is much work to be done on immigrant justice in Long Island and that is why we are asking you to support our growth. Without your support, our work wouldn't be possible. Happy holidays!