About The Right to EXIST. Black Communities Must Matter

Events in 2020 has ignited yet another movement and uprising for racial justice and equality. We are again faced with the ugly truth of racism and discrimination. Along with protesting, it is important that we educate and engage all of America, to dismantle anti-Black behavior, racism and the humanitarian crisis that continues to threaten Black existence in America.

Anti-Blackness is the theoretical framework that illuminates society’s inability to recognize Black humanity — the disdain, disregard, and disgust for Black life in general. Intentional disinvestment in our majority Black community, decades of neglect and manufactured False hope over many decades at the local, state, and federal levels has created gross inequality and opportunity gaps in economic, education, land ownership, entrepreneurship, housing, health, employment and other social and life sustaining basic human necessities.

Multiple negative, correlating factors exist within the same geographic spaces of Black existence, and each negative correlate seems to have a multiplying effect when they interact. Many in the dominate White society use this data and rationalize the use of some form of "benevolent gentrification" to improve Black neighborhoods.

In fact, developers, public officials and outsiders often code their nefarious gentrifying ambitions with the word’s revitalization, renaissance, and revival. These types of "community improvement plans" only shift neighborhood neglect to other places. let us be clear: Gentrifying, diversifying, or merging our way to better Black community outcomes can be as preposterous as jailing significant portions of the Black community to make it safer or wanting a disaster to “reset” a community.

The Right to Exist: Black communities Must Matter Initiative was established out of the pure urgency to create a one stop shop community space, safe haven for Black individuals, families, young adults, children, entrepreneurs and cultural history buffs seeking to escape the racial trauma, economic deprivation and hopelessness that Black Americans face every second of their existence.

We're working to establish a bule print on how a majority Black community can be redeveloped for and in the best interest of those who have been historically brutalized, marginalized, oppressed, robbed of their identity and humanity.

Our goal is to raise $350,000 in seed capital matching funds towards the development of a world class, resource rich community center/safe space featuring economic opportunity pathways, innovative tech, trade, and healthy life skills training. It will also feature a community wellness center, ongoing quality of life mental health programing and a first of its kind “Black American Steel Workers History Museum”.

Anti-Black is one of the most challenging problems we face as a society and for centuries, Black Americans have spoken about the struggles we face, pointing out the numerous root causes. And for centuries, those concerns have largely gone ignored and sweep under the rug.

The John Henry of contemporary social theory is a man or woman striving to get ahead in an unequal society. The effort of confronting that machine, day in and day out, compounded over a lifetime, leads to stress so corrosive that it physically changes bodies, minds and mental states ,causing Black men and woman to age quicker, become sicker and die younger than nearly any other U.S. demographic group. Heightened Anti Blackness is a new gear in an old machine.

This new year celebrate by helping to authentically change America. Your support for our efforts can transform attitudes, breakdown barriers and change policy. Your action and peer to peer community engagement can help to start uncomfortable, yet healthy dialoguethe, healing and begin the long overdue process to end Anti Blackness in America.

Please consider Clicking the “Donate” link to give and/or the more important “Become a fundraiser” link to tweet, email, organize, and directly engage your peers on Facebook, Instagram, and other major social media platforms in ways that best allow you to passionately articulate our story, goals and the urgency of the moment.

Please remember, no amount is too small, and your peer-to-peer engagement efforts will go a long way to building a more inclusive and sustainable America for all and not just a select few.

Please check back as often as you can and visit our Updates and Gallery links for additional footage, images, links, and other critical updates to use for your individual campaigns at the Menu button at the top of the page. Alone, we can do so little. But together, we can change America, one community at a time.